About Us

Established in 2016 AD, Nepal Real Estate Solution Private Limited is the leading real estate trading company in Nepal. Trusted by thousands of clients in just a short span of some years, we provide a platform for people to list, search, buy and sell property in the most convenient way.

Our website is a one-stop solution for anything related to property business. We provide consultancy, guidance and complete assistance for anyone willing to buy, sell or rent real estate (land, house, apartments) in Nepal. With our services and results, we can say that we are the top real estate company in Nepal, and we have more than enough reasons to back it up.

Finding and Selling Real Estate in Nepal Has Never Been this Easy

Our website, on average gets more than three lakh visitors every month. This means we have a vast network of buyers and sellers, and you have a lot of property to choose from if you are willing to buy real estate in Nepal. At the same time, as a seller, once you upload an advertisement for your property, you can expect thousands of potential buyers going through it.

Forget about long phone calls and printing out fliers- it is the 21st century of technology, and you can do everything on your desk with a computer screen. Selling and Purchasing real estate included. All you need to do is open an account on our site, upload a picture of your real estate, and sit back and relax. We ensure to you that there is a crowd of people from all over Nepal who will become interested in your property.

Thousands of Options to Choose From

We have property listed from all parts of Nepal, and we have everything you need on our website. Say that you need some land in a quiet place in Kathmandu, we got you. Or even say that you want to own a Bungalow, what about we give you information about hundreds of them so that you can choose one which fits your needs? Also, we have tons of fully furnished and semi-furnished houses and apartments and even resorts and other commercial buildings for sale or rent.

You can get what you want on our website- you can filter the price, location, and type of real estate. All you need to do is visit our site, and there you will find hundreds of properties that suits you.

Exclusive Assistance to Buy or Sell Property

We understand how tough it could be to make sale on a property. Keeping that in mind and taking feedback from our clients, we have now decided to provide exclusive assistance to buy and sell a property.

Our sellers now have two options, one is to upload an advertisement and sell their house/ land themselves, and another is to contact us for further help.

If they choose the latter, we will do basically everything we need to sell their property. We will create sponsored advertisements on our Facebook page which has tens of thousands of likes and counting. We will take photos and videos to promote what they have on different social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube and shortlist their customers. After that, we even help them to negotiate with buyers. Also, to assist both the buyer and seller, we provide the best evaluation of the property. For this purpose, we even have allocated different pages on our site, and they are Property Free Listing, Property Featured Listing, Premium Listing, and Property Top Listing.

A Government Registered Company, So No Frauds

The real estate market in Nepal is somehow chaotic. We have even seen some instances when a person goes abroad, works hard, and sends money to an agent to buy ‘ghar jagga in Nepal.’ But when they come back, ‘tyo jagga ma ta aarkaile ghar banaera basisakcha.’ Also, for those who don’t know, the government of Nepal has made rules regarding price limits of property in different parts of Nepal. But, of course, it is not something many follow, especially unregistered real estate agents who work on commissions that might even be as high as half of the price of the property.

Our company, Nepal Real Estate Solutions Private Limited is a government authorized and legally registered corporation (License No: 158348/073/74). You are the most secured when you buy or sell property with our help. When sellers come to us for direct help, we first assess their license and paperwork to ensure that nothing is wrong whatsoever. And only when we verify that there will be no problems, we will help customers find them. None of our processes breaches any law, but rather we believe that nobody deserves to become cheated on this matter. Thus, taking our exclusive assistance to buy and sell property in Nepal is the most efficient and safe for both parties.

We Will Even Help You Build Your Dream Property

We have a highly qualified and experienced team for construction of house and buildings. They can help you to build the property of your dream.

Especially after the massive Earthquake on April 25, 2015, people have realized the importance of Earthquake resistant buildings. However, they still have some difficulties in finding a construction team which can help them create that, so we have gathered a team of professionals who can build notable and safe buildings you will be proud to own. Our team consists of certified experts in construction and design, so you can expect a lot from them if you hire them to construct your house.

Together, We Can Change the Real Estate Market in Nepal

Our website is just a stepping stone to make real estate in Nepal more managed. Of course, we have problems, but it is not difficult to solve them if all of us make real estate buying, selling and renting more systematic. For this, we don’t need to do revolutionary things but only work with registered real estate agents/ realtors in Nepal.

Nepal Real Estate Solutions Private Limited was established by Mr. Gopal Barudi and his team, which has years of experience in the trading of real estate. Since the start, he wanted to improve the condition of real estate in Nepal, and he took the first step by developing the website. Now, all we need to do is believe in his dream and assist him on his way to make the real estate market in Nepal truly fair and effective.

Well, so happy buying and selling- we wish you all the best to find the best property for your needs or the best deal for your real estate. All we can say is don’t rush things; take your time and good things will happen.

If you have any queries or confusions regarding anything on this website, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Or, you could call us, and we will address your question.