Buying vs. Building House in Nepal – What is the Difference?

Buying vs. Building House in Nepal – What is the Difference?

An age old-asked question, many ponder about the difference between buying vs. building house in Nepal. People Buying vs. Building House in Nepal – What is the Difference?wonder which one is better among buying and building a house.

Some say it is better constructing while others buying- and to be honest, there is no wrong answer. Buying a home and building a home, both of them are good; which one is better all depends on the individual who is asking and what they are trying to accomplish with the house. To reflect on that, we write some points and consecutively compare building and buying houses in Nepal.

Cost of the House

In the context of Nepal, buying a house is more expensive than constructing a house. Well, of course, it depends on the locations and credentials of the house, but for two similar buildings, buying will be more expensive than constructing.

Design Preferences

You have more design options when you construct your own house. It doesn’t only apply to the overall construction design of the house, but also smaller particulars like kitchen chimney, pillar, gates, etc. But while buying a house, you are getting what’s ‘readymade,’ and you might not be as close to your vision of the ‘perfect dream house.’


There might be various pitfalls while buying a house. For example, say that there is a hole on the wall that you didn’t see before purchasing. Of course, it doesn’t seem a lot, but you get the idea. There might be unforeseen problems in the house while buying. On the other hand, while you construct your own house, you get it new, and there is a minimum risk of troubles of the above kind popping out of nowhere.

The Construction Time and Stress

Believe us, even if you work with the best construction company, you will have some stress about your house. You will need to get your bricks, make decisions about the window design, bathroom marbles, flooring, etc. Also, construction times are often extended because of several reasons like holidays, budgeting, etc.

Latest Building Technology/ Style

This one especially applies to the ones who are buying older houses. The method of house construction has been changing over time, and thus, when you construct your own house, you will be walking according to the time.
But if you are buying an older house, you might not be assured of the design or the way that it has been built.

For Investors

Some buy a home to live, while others do it to sell. And for investors, it is only apparent that buying a house is a way better option than construction. Well, if you are an investor, we believe that you are more knowledgeable than we are, but still, for those still starting on the real estate business, here we say it, buying a house is the better option than constructing it.

Well, as you can see, for buying vs building house in Nepal, the verdict is ‘do whichever suits you.’ Anyway, one thing that is for sure is that either you buy or build a house in Nepal, you should work with a registered real estate company.

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