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Explore These New and Trending House Design in Nepal

Welcome to the world of modern architecture and design in Nepal! With its rich cultural heritage and unique geographical location, Nepal is witnessing an exciting evolution in house design that blends traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. The latest house designs in Nepal are a perfect fusion of functionality, sustainability, and elegance, catering to the needs of the modern homeowner while preserving the essence of Nepali culture. In this article, we will discuss some of the most trending house design in Nepal.

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The most trending House Design in Nepal list

Contemporary design 

Contemporary design is a style of new house design in Nepal that is current and reflects the present time and is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and the use of modern materials and technology.

Contempary House Design in Nepal

In interior design, contemporary design often emphasizes open spaces, natural light, and a neutral color palette. Also, it incorporates modern furniture, such as sleek sofas, geometric light fixtures, minimalist furniture, and materials such as glass, concrete, and steel. 

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Sloping roof 

A sloping roof is a type of roof with a pitch or slope, rather than being flat or level and it is a common feature in many types of architecture, including traditional Nepali house design. These roofs serve several functions and they are designed to shed water and prevent leaks. The pitch of the roof allows rainwater to flow off the roof and into gutters for downspouts, where it can be directed away from the house.  Most of the house for sale in Nepal come from this category. 

Sloping Roof House Design in Nepal

Earthquake-resistant design 

Earthquake-resistant new house design in Nepal involves a combination of a strong foundation, stable structural systems, and appropriate construction techniques, as well as seismic isolation, damping systems, and appropriate building layout and mass distribution. By including these features the new house design in Nepal can be designed to better withstand the forces of the earthquake and provide a safe living environment for the occupants.

Earthquake Resistant House Design in nepal

Learning Platform for Interior House Design in Nepal 

Interior design is the art and science of planning, designing, and furnishing the interior space of buildings and it is a multifaceted profession that involves the creative and technical aspects of designing and decorating interior spaces to make them both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the people who use them. 

IIFT School of Fashion and Interior Design provides one of the Best Interior Design Course in Nepal. An area of this school is transformed by interior designers to make it more appealing, practical, and secure.

Architectural College in Nepal 

There are many architectural colleges in Nepal them IIFT school of Fashion and interior design is one of the best architecture colleges in Nepal. IIFT Nepal is Nepal’s first ISO 9001:2015 & WSC London Certified Interior Design school leading the design industry with innovative and rigorous courses establishing a creative nation among the students. IIFT provides a wide range of internship opportunities, offers a well-planned academic approach at a reasonable fee and has competent and highly experienced faculty members. This school has national and international advisors and experts who update the course contents according to world fashion trends and it organizes business seminars, and exclusively designed training sessions time and again to enhance all the graduated and non-graduated trainee designers.