About NRES

The First and the Leading One-Stop Real Estate Solution Company in Nepal

‘Nepal Real Estate Solution is a real estate company in Nepal, striving to make the real estate sector more managed, professional, and accessible for everyone in the country through our expert real estate agent. ‘

We are the leading real estate company in Nepal, with the goal of making buying and selling of real estate transparent and fair for every buyer and seller. We started in 2015 as a real estate buying and selling platform, and now with years of hard work, forging connections, and the trust our beloved clients and the people put in us, we are proud to say that we are a one-stop solution for everything pertaining to real estate in Nepal.

Our website is a one-stop solution for anything related to property business. With our services and results, we can say that we are the top real estate company in Nepal, and we have more than enough reasons to back it up.

Our Story- Built to Change the Real Estate Landscape in Nepal

Back when we started in 2015, honestly, we had little to less idea regarding what we were doing.

We registered our company (License No: 158348/073/74) and built a website. We weren’t very sure about our moves after that, but all we wanted to do was to make a change in the real estate sector of Nepal, which back then was more of a mess than it is currently.

From measurement frauds to unregistered agents charging insane commissions- it’s safe to say that hardly anyone would consider a real estate agent a white-collar professional.

So, the goal was simple- we had to restore the trust people have in the real estate business again. How? Well, we took it back to the basics. We became true to ourselves in what we believed, and we worked to turn our dreams into reality. And, we are still doing that.


Company Built on Innovation and Trust

Our aspirations are there, but as a business, the convenience of our clients is still our first priority. Our role as a brand, or a business- whatever you call us, is to make life easier for the people around us.

That’s one of the reasons we started our website anyway so that you could do everything within the comfort of your home.

As of now, we are the most visited real estate website in Nepal. We could brag about our presence on YouTube and social media platforms as well, where we have amassed thousands of followers.

But, it has never been about that. We want to restore the faith that real estate agents can actually be good. They can actually help you find your dream property, and they can be as passionate about your dream as you are.

For this, we invested in a blog to try and give people the best information about any inquiry they would have regarding real estate. We invested in marketing to increase our traffic so more people could be confident to list their real estate on our website. And we denied working with enterprises that wanted us to somehow be biased about our services, even if that would make us way more money than what we are currently making.


Finding and Selling Real Estate in Nepal Has Never Been this Easy

Our website, on average gets more than three lakh visitors every month. This means we have a vast network of buyers and sellers, and you have a lot of property to choose from if you are willing to buy real estate in Nepal. At the same time, as a seller, once you upload an advertisement for your property, you can expect thousands of potential buyers going through it.

Forget about long phone calls and printing out fliers- it is the 21st century of technology, and you can do everything on your desk with a computer screen. Selling and purchasing real estate included. All you need to do is open an account on our site, upload a picture of your real estate, and sit back and relax. We ensure to you that there is a crowd of people from all over Nepal who will become interested in your property.


No Hidden Costs- Never!

In fact, when you work with us, you can be assured that you will never have to pay us more than the 3% commission that the government has set for real estate agents in Nepal. Also, buyers or interested individuals don’t have to pay us a dime to see or check the property listed on our website.

No consultancy charges, no forms, and none of that BS. We just want to make sure you find the best property for your needs. If the current property isn’t that, we will try to find you the one that is.

For sellers though, we have very flexible options. You could create a Free Listing, Property Featured Listing, Premium Listing, and Property Top Listing. Some payments are applicable, but all that money is going to be used to market your property (Advertisements, Youtube Videos, and anything else we may need to do to sell your property).


A One-Stop Solution for All Your Needs

What we have realized is that, when you grow, you need to take your people with you. We understand we wouldn’t be here without our beloved clients, and thus, it would only be our responsibility to try and fulfill all their feedback.

So now, we are proud to say; with your support and the belief that you put in us, we are the first one-stop solution for anything related to real estate in Nepal. Now, our services aren’t only limited to property buying and selling, but we offer other services including:


  • Commercial Property Buying and Selling in Nepal
  • Complete Rental Management Solutions
  • Real Estate Legal Services in Nepal
  • Property Taxes and Documentation
  • Real Estate Investment Opportunities with Profitable Return
  • Engineering and Construction Services in Nepal
  • Carpenter and Interior Design Services
  • Electricity and Water Supply Bill Payment
  • Services for Landscaping and Outdoor Designs, including Gardening services
  • House Painting Services
  • Building Cleaning Services
  • and more…

Well, that’s a long list of services. But, we again assure our clients to not worry. We just want to make sure that once you visit our website, you won’t have to go anywhere else. Our client’s happiness and satisfaction are our top priority. After all, real estate doesn’t have to be a hassle like many complaints.

Overall, we believe that our valuable clients will look with us into the future where real estate can positively contribute to the overall economic development of the country.