What is this Website About?

This website run by Nepal Real Estate Solution Private Limited is an approach to make selling and purchasing real estate in Nepal simple and more accessible. We let sellers list their property and provide them a platform to find buyers.

Who Owns This Website? Is it an Individual or a Company Project?

Nepal Real Estate Solution Private Limited, the leading real estate company in Nepal manages this website. We are a registered real estate agency in Nepal established in 2016 AD. Anyway, the members of our team have more than a decade of experience in the business.

For Buyers


What is Available on this Website?

We have land, house, and apartments for sale or rent in different parts of Nepal. You can go through the advertisements, and choose the property you are interested in. There, you can call the buyer, schedule a meeting or request more information.

What do the Different Listings Mean?

Free Listing: The seller has put their property on sale by themselves. Nepal Real Estate Solution has not verified anything about the legal status of the land, house, or apartment. You will buy it at your own risk, and we will not be responsible for anything in the future.

Other Listings: We have verified the seller is genuine, and there is no problem regarding the law. We will help you contact and decide on the final price with a seller with a comprehensive evaluation.

For Sellers


How can I add My Property to the Website?

It is straightforward. All you need to do is open an account on our website. Then, you can start posting your property, and thousands of potential customers will view your house, land, or apartment.

Do I need to Pay Any Money?

You have two options: One is to be featured on our free listing, and another is on paid listings.

Free Listing: You can add your property and sell it yourself. We will not be responsible for lack of paperwork, or any other problems that may arise in the future.

Other Listings: You will need to pay a certain sum depending on the type of your property and location. After that, we will come to your place and verify that you have all the legal paperwork.

Then, we will take professional photos and videos to create an ad and put your property on our different social media platforms.

We will make ads on our Facebook page which has tens of thousands of likes. Then, we will also talk to individuals who are interested in your property and give your contact details to those who look genuine. Finally, we will assist you in negotiating for the perfect price and closing the deal

Do You Have Need Tips Regarding Buying and Selling Real Estate in Nepal?

Visit our blog section; there we have written numerous how-tos, guides, and tips regarding buying, selling, and renting a property.

I am Still Confused, Where can I get More Information?

Well, you can directly contact us with your inquiry. We will get back to you shortly.