3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Construction Company in Nepal

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Construction Company in Nepal

As Nepalis, we recognize the value of a home, but most of us don’t identify the essentiality of the right ones to build the home. Of course, the house you are about to 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Construction Company in Nepalconstruct means a lot to you, but it also means that you can’t afford to make any mistake moving forward with the building work. And one place where many people don’t succeed is choosing the right construction company.

Well, many services start calling you once you announce that you are looking for a house construction company in Nepal. But only a few of them deliver their claims. So, to help you with that, here are some tips for choosing the right housing service among the various house builders in Nepal.

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Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Building a House

Checking to See if they are Registered or Not

The problem with many house owners is that they don’t ask for any certifications. Or, more accurately, many don’t even know that some construction services are government certified. The government recognizes these companies for having a skilled workforce and affordable price. At the same time, a facility must train its builders about the various security standards such as earthquake resistance to get the registration certificate from the government.

So, the first thing you need to do is ask if the contractor has any formal permit for building a house. If yes then you could move on to the next step, but if not, you will need to stop. Or you can contact us, we have our registration number, and we provide construction services in many parts in Nepal.

Ask about the Previous Houses the Service Has Done

You don’t need to be shy of doing so. Any suitable construction contractor who is proud of its work will not have any problems telling you the whereabouts of the previous houses they did. But on the other hand, services with not so good results won’t even bother to tell you anything about their previous work. They will say that they have done many houses previously but will be ambiguous about what they did.

So, instead of asking them their names and introducing yourself to the service, you should instead be inquiring the addresses of their past work. And after visiting if you are satisfied, then that is it.

Visit their Previous Clients

Doing this means getting 80% of the job done of choosing the right house construction company in Nepal. You will need to visit the previous clients of the house construction company directly; this is better than getting second-hand information about them. Try to visit as much as people that have had the experience working with the construction company. If you do so, you will easily find the answer to whether you need to work with the service or not.

What is the Cost?

To be honest, if you have followed the guideline till now and work with a registered housing company, you won’t have to worry about the cost. They are not expensive because they don’t take more money than what has been allocated by the government.

Anyway, you will need to understand there is a difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘value for money.’ If you choose a service only because it is cheap, you might put yourself in a lot of troubles, especially when we are talking about housing.  So, we recommend you to look at an affordable service, rather than looking for a dirt cheap solution who are simply going to extend some bricks and glue them with cement.

Well, these were some tips that will be just enough to help you choose the right house construction company in Nepal. If you are looking for construction service in the country, you can contact us; we will see if we can manage our schedule to help you build your dream home.


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