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How to apply for scholarships?

How to apply for scholarships?

If your goal is to become a realtor, you will need to find ways to fund your education and ties with a registered real estate company in Nepal. However, if we see the practice around the globe – to be a realtor licensing is the most.

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This blog is for you to help you in two ways: First, to help you obtain funding to pursue your undergraduate or graduate education in real estate, and second, to help you obtain funding for your real estate license.

Whether you are interested in undergraduate scholarships available nationwide or looking for location-specific scholarships for minorities seeking licensure, this guide has something for you. Before we discuss specific scholarships, however, let’s take a look at the path you can take to become a real estate agent and the types of educational funding that are generally available.

Nepal and real estate agent is not a shared profession and the majority of realtors do not come from a proper educational background. Here are a few tips and scholarship opportunities where Nepali Real Estate companies can approach and grow business as a profession, not as so-called “Dalal”.

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 Eligibility Requirements

  • Awards range from $500 to $3,000 and are distributed over two semesters.
  • Must complete and submit applications by July 31st for the following academic year.
  • Must be a resident of Michigan and a full-time student entering your junior or senior year at an accredited university or college; post-graduate applicants are also considered.
  • Must have at least an average grade point of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent of a “C” average.
  • Must be taking courses that are related to the real estate field, such as real estate, business, marketing, finance, or the law.
  • Must provide a copy of current college transcript
  • Must provide a cover letter, resume, and personal or professional reference letter
  • Must exemplify character including demonstrated evidence of good citizenship.
  • Must participate in an interview with a REALTOR® to discuss future aspirations and individual interests in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, to change the mindset of the people near you about real estate in Nepal. Nepal Government must play a vital role and change the dynamics of real estate. In Nepal perceptions of buyers, sellers and tenants are very wrong. Hence, such kind of real estate education and course should be incorporated into the government curriculum. 

By Dr. Bimal Acharya