10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without an Air-Conditioner

10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without an Air-Conditioner

You see, an Air Conditioner is expensive and is not very practical in most parts of Nepal where the weather is cool but not unbearable. Anyway, the climate is still brisk, and sometimes houses feel like they are freezing. Today, we look at some great inexpensive ways to keep your house warm in winter.


First, Let the Sunshine In10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without an Air-Conditioner

It is the same what our mothers tell us. During the day, don’t close the curtains in your room. Open the windows and keep it bright- the things in your room will absorb the heat of the sun and help keep the area warm.

Also, close your curtains as soon as the sun starts fading away. Cover every gap- this is to make sure you insulate the heat and don’t let cold air from the outside make its way in.


Do You Have A Ceiling Fan?

Did you know that your ceiling fan could contribute to the room being warmer?

This is the working principle of the fan explained in the simplest words- when it is hot and the fan moves anti-clockwise, it pushes the hot air up in your room to make it cool.

Well, the tip below might not work in every situation, but will most definitely help with rooms that have tall or sloped ceilings.

Some fans have a clockwise rotating feature, which pushes down the warm air in the ceiling to the ground. So, if you have a fan that moves clockwise, you can turn it on its lowest setting and leave it be for some time- the room will eventually get warmer.

You can try it once in your home to see if it helps.


Use Woolen Rugs

Carpets can’t work wonders like a heater or an air-conditioner, but using the right one can also be the key to keep your room warm. After all, they avoid the cold that comes from the floor.

For the best results, you can use thick woolen ones. The more the space between your foot and the floor, the warmer and more comfortable your space will be.

You can also take it as a tip if you are currently constructing or thinking of buying a house in Nepal. Choosing the right carpet before moving in will be more convenient than changing it after you have already put your things in place.


Don’t Light Fire Inside Your House to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

‘Ago tapni.’ Don’t do it inside your home- it might make you warm for a moment, but will leave you shivering afterward.

The thing with fire is that it sucks in warm air present in other rooms. It is a result of something called the ‘stack effect’, and you definitely remember it if you took science in your +2 studies.

If you notice, the room where you light the fire will be warm, but the room besides that might be even chilled. So, if you really want a fireplace, do it outdoors and have some barbecue- that’s another way to keep yourself warm in winter!


Build a Simple Candle Heater10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without an Air-Conditioner

See, we don’t recommend you do it every time because it poses some fire danger, but you know, before Kulman Ghising sir, we were used to lighting candles inside our houses.

What you can try is build a candle heater. You light some candles and suspend a mud clay over it.

We have added a YouTube link which will make it easier to know what we are talking about.

Also, this point might seem like it we are canceling out the previous tip of not lighting a fire in our house. Anyway, the fire in a candle is very small when compared to that in a wooden place. So, the warmth from your heater will compensate for it.


Put Hot Water Bags in Your Bed

Placing rubber hot water bags between your bedsheet and blanket will help a lot. Also, the best place to do it is in the spot where you keep your feet.

Rubber warm water bags are available in Nepal in a few hundred rupees. You can buy them online or in most of the general stores selling utensils and household items like pillows.

These days, electric hot water bags are available which use a liquid gel instead of water. Thus, you don’t need to refill it- rather charge, and charging it for some minutes will make it warm for some hours.


Buy Electric Blankets

They don’t cost a lot and have a great effect.

You plug them in electrical outlets and they produce heat. You can place them on your sofa, bed, or anywhere else you will be sitting.

However, the problem is with the quality of these things. In Nepal, most of the electrical blankets are from low-copy Chinese materials which people report break down easily.

Just buy one from a trusted seller and the thing will definitely be worth it.


Humidify the Air to Keep Your House Warm in Winter10 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in Winter Without an Air-Conditioner

Winter has dry air. You need to vaporize it. For this, you can follow some tricks.

The first one is to buy an air humidifier. They don’t cost a lot and work wonders.

On the other hand, if you have warm water in your bathroom, open the door after taking a shower, so that the steam will get into other rooms of your home rather than escaping from the window.

Also, while boiling water, you can uncover the utensil for some while. Planting indoor plants can also be of great help because they release moisture. Anyway, don’t get overboard with it because a lot of indoor plants will limit oxygen during the night.


Seal Gaps and Leaks

The gap between the door and the floor and on the window can let cold air in which can trigger the stack effect we talked about earlier on. You can seal it with clothes or by placing doormats.

On the other hand, there might be multiple leaks on the construction: in the basement, vents, etc. You can Google search various guides that help you find air leaks (like this one). You can use them and find the cracks in your home from where cold air gets in.

Look for pipe insulations in your local hardware or construction stores.

Also, you can buy insulators for your electrical outlets. They are small- not a lot of warm air escapes from any one of them, but it becomes an issue when there are a lot of electrical plugs in your home.


Do You Have a Microwave Oven?

If you do, you can use it more frequently than the gas stove. You see, using a microwave oven to bake your chicken can contribute a little bit to keep your kitchen warm.

After taking out the food from the oven, don’t close the door immediately- rather, open it for some time to let the heat from the inside travel to your kitchen.

Of course, we are not telling you to open your oven to keep your room warm. It is an appliance to cook food- only that you can still avail of the little heat it has after cooking.


Well, these were some tips to keep your house warm in winter. If you have more tips or inquiries, you can hit us up and we will update the article. You can also check our website for house and land sale and rent in Nepal.