Top 10 Home Loans in Nepal for Buying House and Land

Top 10 Home Loans in Nepal for Buying House and Land

List of the Best Home Loans in Nepal

With more people being interested in real estate in Nepal, financial centers are also being more involved in the Top 10 Home Loans in Nepal for Buying House and Landbusiness. Almost every major bank in Nepal has what they call ‘home loan,’ or mortgage loan, and they have been proven to be of huge assistance to people.

Well, today we look at some excellent home loan deals in Nepal. Remember that this is more of a ‘list’ than a ‘ranking,’ and there might be other home loans outside this list which might intrigue you (we will try to update the list as often as possible). We are just putting forth some deals which our clients often talk about, and seem eye-catching.

We are just giving an overview of different home loans in Nepal. For rates and more information, visit the official links that we listed below.

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NIC Asia Bank Home Loan

First, let us discuss the NIC Asia Bank Home Loan in Nepal. Many seem to be interested in the scheme, and the loan amount depends on the type and value of the property. They also have a home loan calculator on their website which lets you check if you are eligible for the loan. If yes, you can use the money for construction, buying of houses and land and also renovation work.


Official Link

Nepal Investment Bank Home Loan

Nepal Investment Bank Home Loan offers to finance up to NPR 10,000,000 or 60% of the total value (whichever is lower) for buying, constructing, and even renovating houses (50% in Kathmandu valley). The tenure is15 years and the loan is to be paid before the borrower is 60 years old. You will need to repay the loan on Equal Monthly Installments (EMI).

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Nepal Bank Limited Home Loan

Nepal Investment Bank Limited offers a maximum home loan amount of Rs 50,00,000 or 60% (50% inside Kathmandu valley) of the total cost/value of the property (whichever is lower). You can buy land, house, or construct/renovate a building/apartment of the loan and the tenure is 2 to 20 years. Like in any other loan scheme, you will need to show a stable income.

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Mega Bank Home Loan

The Mega Bank Home Loan is more flexible than others as there is no EMI. Also, depending on your documents and financial stability, they might even offer 100% financing for the construction of houses. They offer loans for buying land, house, construction, and renovation.

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Nabil Bank Housing Loan

Nabil Bank Housing Loan is another one of the home loans in Nepal. The bank offers to finance up to NPR 30,000,000 for land & building purchase and up to NPR 10,000,000 for extensions and renovation work. Similar to other many home loan schemes, the loan-to-value ratio is 60% outside Kathmandu and 50% inside the valley.

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Bank of Kathmandu Home Loan

The bank has been boasting the ease of getting its home loan, but of course, you will need to be financially eligible. You can get financing up to NPR 10,00,000, and the Tenure is a maximum of 20 years for buying/ constructing and ten years for repair and renovation work. You can know more about it in the official link provided below.

Official Link

Laxmi Bank Home Loan

Laxmi Bank Home Loan could also be a good option for you. The Bank offers up to NPR 20,000,000 for house purchase/construction, and up to NPR 15,000,000 for the purchase of land and apartment. The tenure depends on what type of loan it is. One thing worthy to note about is how the bank has designed a loan calculator on its site. There you can put in your monthly income and the desired financing to get a clue about what and how you will be paying after you get the funds.

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Everest Bank Limited Home Loan

They don’t have a fixed value, and similar to the Mega Bank, you will need to contact a representative directly for the loan. Anyway, we placed this one on the list because some of our clients have worked with the Bank and according to them, the loan is a reliable one. So, we recommend you to talk to the bank yourself to get a better idea of if you should work with it.

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Prime Commercial Bank Home Loan

Prime Commercial Bank provides up to 2/3rd of the total cost of the house. You can use the money to purchase, construct or renovate your house. Anyway, they have a condition that the building you are looking forward to purchasing can’t be more than ten years old. The tenure, in this case, is also 20 years.

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Standard Chartered Bank of Nepal Mortgage Loan

Standard Chartered also has a dependable mortgage loan. It provides up to 50% financing of the property (house, land, apartment) which can go to a maximum of NPR 350,00,000. The maximum tenure is 18 years. Also, you can get loans to renovate or repair your house and refinance from existing financing.

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Well, these were some home loans in Nepal. We will keep on updating the list as soon as we get more information.

You can contact us if you want direct consultation regarding home loans in Nepal. We could help recommend you the best home loan according to your needs. We can also help you with buying a land/ house or constructing a house in any part of Nepal.