10 Things to Know Before You Rent a House or Apartment in Nepal

10 Things to Know Before You Rent a House or Apartment in Nepal

There are many uncertainties in the hearts of those who want to rent a house in Nepal. Let us be honest, renting a 10 Things to Know Before You Rent a House or Apartment in Nepalhouse or a flat in Nepal isn’t a happy experience for many. With more people moving in the cities, renting apartments in Kathmandu and other places such as Pokhara, Chitwan, etc. is getting even more unsystematic. Renting property is prone to various misunderstandings between the two parties because of ambiguous terms, lack of law, etc.

Anyway, every problem during renting can be solved easily by being a little careful during initial discussions. Ask a leading real estate consultancy solution in Nepal; here are some things that you can’t afford to miss if you are looking forward to renting a property in Nepal.

First, ensure that the Location is the One for You

Don’t rush things. If the location of the rental house or apartment doesn’t suit you, you should keep on searching for a while; you might get a better place. From health facilities to your children’s school, keeping everything in check while looking for an apartment.

Try to Know More About the Landlord

You don’t need to pry a lot. If you can, ask previous families who lived in the place. If the landlord has had a healthy relationship with all of his/ her previous tenants, you are fine to go.

Introduce Yourself to the People Around You

Just like buying or building a new house, you move into a new place while renting an apartment. As the people around you are going to influence you (and most importantly your children), you should be wary about what company you are going to be in.

Ask if the Rent is Going to Increase

This is one of the most important things to do while you rent a house or apartment in Nepal. Many house owners in Nepal have a history of increasing rents very often which might create some problems for the lodgers.

What Facilities can be Promised?

Of course, if you are living in cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara, let us be honest- you might not be able to get 24 hours supply of water. Anyway, ensure that what you get is sufficient. Also, be clear about other facilities such as TV lines, internet, etc.

Be Crystal Clear About the Bills

Some landlords pay electricity and water bills, while some don’t. Ambiguity about the utilities might invite troubles in the future, so be careful of that.

Do You Need to Paint the Walls?

You might need to paint some apartments before moving in. On the other hand, many landlords might ask you to paint while you are leaving.

Do they Allow Pets?

If you are renting a house, it might not be a problem, but in the case of flats, every owner might not be comfortable with their tenants having pets. So never leave this question unasked if you have an animal companion.

Is the Parking Area Sufficient?

Don’t just ask the owner but check yourself. Also, confirm that the spot where you are supposed to park your motorcycle or vehicle is secured.

Sign Contract Before You Rent a House in Nepal

When real estate buyers and sellers ask us about how renting can be made more systematic in Nepal, we say this. Many don’t sign contracts while renting an apartment or flat in Nepal, but it is an excellent practice.


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