Why Buying House or Land in Nepal is the Best Investment You Can Make

Why Buying House or Land in Nepal is the Best Investment You Can Make

Buying a house and land is an excellent thing to do in terms of business, and it is not a secret anymore. We don’tWhy Buying House or Land in Nepal is the Best Investment You Can Make need official numbers; most of the ‘richest’ members in Nepali societies are in one way or another connected to real estate business. Whether it be by acting as agents or buying a piece of land just with the purpose of selling in in the future; people with money are getting more involved with real estate. Well, there are more than enough reasons for that.

If you have money and are thinking of investing in land or house in Nepal, then no doubts- you should do it. Here are some reasons why buying a house and land in Nepal is the best investment in 2019.

Price Growth

Nepal Land and Housing Association (NLDHA) says that the prices of lands in Nepal have grown by 300% since 2003. Well, this is by taking the average of entire parts of Nepal, and the numbers are more exciting for real estate traders in city areas such as Kathmandu and Chitwan. According to statistics, the land prices have been increasing at 40 to 50 percent in town areas. The growth rate is almost similar for houses, and the same study shows that housing accounts for 15-35 percent of Nepal’s total investment.

The prices of housing, lands, and apartment are on a growing spree. If you ask experts, they will tell you that the cost of real estate in Nepal is still going to rise and won’t come down for some decades. Inflation is happening, of course, but let us be honest, it is all business, and you should be able to take your chances.

Never Out of Business

This is another thing to note. The population of Nepal has been increasing, and thus the demand for housing. Nepal Land and Housing Association says that by 2023, we will need at least 900,000 new constructions to reach people’s demands of houses at that time. At the same time, each year, the housing construction in Nepal is increasing by 20% to 30%.

At present, the national demand for houses and apartments is about 140,000, but Nepal is only able to construct 25,000 units. This means there is more than enough potentials in the Nepal real estate market, so buying house or land in Nepal at this time is one of the best ideas you can get.

Population Increasing in City Areas

Apartments, flats or house rentals can prove to be excellent sources of passive income for those owning houses in Nepal. Actually, in some households, rent is the primary source of income.

As more people are moving in town areas, having a house somewhere people will be interested in renting will turn out to be very beneficial for you. As the country is developing, rental prices are increasing in many areas as well.

Stable Government

In one of our previous articles, ‘can a foreigner buy property in Nepal?‘, we noted that getting a stable government could uplift Nepal’s property market. Actually, this is true, and we can expect some very much needed reforms and incentives to be introduced in Nepal’s property market. This means the real estate business in Nepal is getting more systematic. Thus, investing in land or houses in Kathmandu, Lalitpur or other cities will be for a good something in the long term.

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