Buying vs. Renting Home in Nepal: Which One is the Better Option?

Buying vs. Renting Home in Nepal: Which One is the Better Option?

House renting and buying have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on the Buying vs. Renting Home in Nepal: Which One is the Better Option?individual that is asking. It is the same not only in Nepal but also the word. Thus, buying vs. renting home in Nepal- the answer is all objective, and it all boils down to what suits you the best and which is more convenient for you.


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Buying vs. Renting Home in Nepal: Buying House in Nepal

First, let us start with buying a house in Nepal. Here are its advantages:

Advantages of Buying House

Sound Investment: On our previous article “why buying house or land in Nepal is the best investment you will make,” we cited that house prices are peaking in Nepal. Thus, buying a house means steadily increasing your net worth.

Stability and Security: When you have your own home, you have more stability. At the same time, as there are no landlords who are going to tell you to leave, you will have created a life where you are secured.

Rent Money: Similar to house prices; rent prices are also increasing in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other areas of Nepal. Also, the increasing population in those areas means there’s a rising demand for rents. Renting your house could is an excellent source of passive income in Nepal.

Freedom: Similar to stability, you will have more freedom in your house. You will have rooms to modify, renovate, a garden to work on, midnight music and stuff- meaning that no one will complain when you do things on your own house.

Part of a Community: You might have realized it already. Having your own house makes you feel like a part of society, more than the other way around.

Disadvantages of Buying House in Nepal

Financial Risk: Of course, the risk is minimal in the case of Nepal. But still, we can’t deny it. Anything can happen in the financial world, for example, say that instead of building equity, the prices may decrease.

Repairs to do: You will be liable for anything that happens in your house. This includes broken doors, windows, etc. This risk also sustains when you are renting your home.

Things to Add: Adding Solar Panel, Lights, Gates, etc.: Having your own house, you will feel as if constructing a house is never over. As time passes, new things are released in the market, and you will need to add stuff which might even be unforeseen.

Natural Disasters: Let us be honest here. We have experienced a terrible earthquake before, and we can’t say that it can’t happen again. Also, many parts of Nepal are still on the risk of other natural calamities such as landslide, flood, etc.

High Costs: This one ‘disadvantage’ (or not exactly a disadvantage) is what stops many from buying a house in Nepal. House market doesn’t consist of a lot of liquidity; this is because people need savings of a lifetime to purchase home in Nepal because of the high price tags.

Buying vs. Renting House in Nepal: Renting House in Nepal

Renting Apartment in Nepal also has its upsides and downsides.

Advantages of Renting House in Nepal

Less Cost: It is cheaper than buying a house in Nepal.

Risk Management: Whether that be financial risks or natural disasters, renting has little to no risk regarding the property.

No Repairs: After all, it is not your own house. But yes, you might need to do repairs if you are the one that breaks something.

Moving is Easy: If you think that the location you are living in doesn’t suit you, you always have the option of looking for a new place.

Disadvantages of Renting House in Nepal

No Long-Term Security: Only a few rent their house always. As a tenant, you might expect your landlord telling you to leave at any time and not being able to say anything.

Rent Money: In our previous where we shared some tips while renting a house in Nepal, we noted that people don’t rent contracts in Nepal very often. Due to this, your rent price might keep on increasing.

Part of Community: Believe me, no matter how close you to people in a society, not having your own house always has an impact on the conscience.

No Investment: If you have money and don’t buy a house, you might deprive yourself of a lot of returns in the future.


Buying a house and renting house both have their own benefits, so is all up to you to decide which one’s for you. If you have money and settling for the long term in a city, buying or constructing a house could be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to save yourself from some stress, and at the same time are not sure if you are living in an area forever, then you should go ahead and find the best rent deal.