How to Make Your House Pet-Friendly in Nepal

How to Make Your House Pet-Friendly in Nepal

A concern for people in Nepal, but many don’t really ask it. “How to Make Your House Pet-Friendly?”. The changing time has made this question more significant.How to Make Your House Pet-Friendly in Nepal

Gone are the days when dogs or cats in a house would be restricted to the veranda. People these days see pets as members of their family, and some even share the same bed.

Well, if you have a pet, then good for you-you have a best friend. But one thing you will need to assure is that your home should be as comfortable for your pet as it is to you, because well, your house is also your pet’s home.

So, to help you with that, here are some tips which can help you make your house pet-friendly in Nepal.

First, if You Haven’t Already Constructed Your House, Talk to your Construction Services

As the leading construction service provider in Nepal, we can tell you this- if we know that homeowners have a pet, our building method will be different- even if it is by a little bit. But the results will be clearly visible.

In most cases, you might need to renovate some areas of your house to make it pet-friendly (like adding dog flaps). So, talking to your construction services beforehand will avoid any unnecessary hammering after the construction work is over.

Make Sure that Wires Are Properly Organized

Dangling wire is one thing to avoid if you have a pet in your house. Your pets are curious, and having saggy wires all over the place means they could trap themselves on the electric lines. Also, there is a huge risk of your pets trying to chew wires. Take this very seriously, as things like these might even be a matter of life and death.

Secure Cupboards

You don’t want things falling, so it will be better if you fix your cupboards on the ground (you could use nails). At the same time, make sure that you don’t leave cupboards or closets open all the time, because there is a risk of your pet locking itself in.

Fence the Area and Close Your Gates

Make sure that your gate doesn’t have an opening through which your pet can escape. Believe us, this has been an issue for many people in Nepal, so you will need to be careful about what type of gate you have.

Also, you will need to fence your yard to make your house pet-friendly. And if you have a cat, try to make sure that your fence is as tall as you can make it.

A Potty Place

This one is often overlooked but is important as well. You will need to make a little private restroom for your pet (especially dog) if you are often away from your house. This will save you from a lot of troubles in the future because let us be honest, accidents happen sometimes.

And as we are talking about a potty place, you could also make a special shower place for your pet. But, this is all up to you and depends on your budget and how much free space you have on your house.

A Dog Window

In case you have a cat, it will climb its way through the stands and racks to get to the window. But if you own other pets like dogs or rabbits, you should consider building lower windows in your house, exclusively for them. Your pets love staring outside, and thus, you can do something for them which will keep them for getting bored.

Well, how you make your house pet-friendly depends on what pet you have. You can contact us for further tips- we love to help people with anything related to real estate so don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Also, contact us if you are looking to construct a house in Nepal or looking for renovations to make your house pet-friendly. We even have Nepal houses and land for sale in our awesome website, so you can check.