Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Land in Nepal

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Land in Nepal

We don’t have to repeat why buying land in Nepal is held in very high regards. Buying land, for most of us, means using savings of a lifetime. Many of us only buy Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Land in Nepalland once, and thus, while doing it, we need to be careful that we buy the best piece of it.

Thus, to help you with that, here are some mistakes to avoid while buying land in Nepal.

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Not Assessing Legal Paper Works Carefully

Here’s an idea, never work with an attorney that your agent hired unless the agent is a registered one. You have heard stories of how fake agents sold fake paper works of land in Nepal, and yes, it is a real thing.

The problem with such scams is people don’t have enough legal understanding. You will need to hire your own lawyer and tell them to check the papers of land and only move forward when it is genuine.

Falling Easily to the Words of the Real Estate Agent

Sorry for dragging agents into this again, but as a buyer, you should know how agents work. They are experts in convincing people, and they know how to make a person interested in any type of property. Agents only point out the good things, they are there to make a sale.

So, as a buyer, before you talk to the agent, make your mindset that you will question everything he/she says. You don’t have to become mean, just in your heart, create a conviction that no matter what words your agent uses, you will keep on reasoning.


Everyone overpaying for stuff is one of the reasons for inflation. The land is expensive in Nepal, but you will need to question if it is overly costly. Know the inside story of the sellers, is the agent asking for a lot of commission? Or is the owner asking for a ridiculous price? As we said before, think rationally, if they are not willing to provide you a fair price, you have no reason to buy from them. Just say Okay, and then search for another land; there are plenty of plots for sale where you won’t need to overpay.

Not Thinking about the Future as You Should

For many people in Nepal, thinking about investment is not the priority. Of course, many of us buy land to build home and live, but we need to be able to calculate the gross growth rate in the upcoming years.

At the same time, you should also see if the land is in a potential government construction site. Nepal is a developing country, and it wouldn’t feel so good to you when you realize that you bought land which the government will soon cut to expand the road.

Well, these were some mistakes to avoid while you buy land in Nepal. For more tips, you can directly contact us; we provide in-depth counseling about everything real estate in Nepal.

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