Must Know Tips for Those Looking to Buy Land in Nepal

4 Must Know Tips for Those Looking to Buy Land in Nepal

Buying land in Nepal is an ‘ultimate decision’ taken in high regards. After all, you spend your life-earnings toMust Know Tips for Those Looking to Buy Land in Nepal have a claim on a piece of territory which becomes your identity.

For many, buying land is the biggest investment they make in their lives. As it is a serious business, they should be willing to take it seriously.

Thus, if you are looking forward to owning a new piece of land, you should be careful about each step you take, especially when numerous fraud cases are happening in the country. That being said, here are some tips which are going to become of great help on your way to purchasing land in Nepal.

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Work with a Registered Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents and brokers are found everywhere in Nepal, but only a few of them are recognized by the government. Working with an unregistered real estate broker, most of the times means inviting troubles.

You have heard about many irregularities happening regarding land buy/ sell in Nepal. So-called real estate agents without a government license make deals which give them commission more than half of the price of land. Also, many times, multiple people end up ‘owning’ the same property, because of cons, loopholes and other unexplained reasons. These are just some examples, but there are many other disadvantages of working with someone who is not registered.

So, only work with those who are genuine, not only regarding personality but also legality. Or, you could contact us, a registered real estate agent company in Nepal.

Work with a Lawyer

When we see practically, taking help from a lawyer is an undeniable thing that you must do while purchasing land, but we find many people in the country skip this part.

Let us be honest here, we could make a list of laws regarding land in Nepal, but legality is a particular matter, and it can’t be explained by ones who are not part of the judiciary. What we are saying is that you should always involve a trusted lawyer while you are buying land. After all, you wouldn’t want to get in unsuspected troubles after making a purchase.

Hire a lawyer for yourself. Ask them to review the papers and ensure that they are all correct. Inquire if something is missing, and everything is according to law. This will secure you and also prevent a lot of stress.

Think About the Future

Nepal is a developing country, and it will have an impact on how you buy land in Nepal. I mean who knows, maybe after some years, the government will take some portion of your property to construct a road. Well, it is for the benefit of your state, and you might be given some allowance, but let’s be honest here, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of it.

Buying land is not some sort of grocery shopping, and it is a long-term investment. So, you will need to be able to think practically and become far-sighted for your own good.

Consider Your Options

This one connects all the previous point. You need to have patience while buying land. Think and consider carefully, you will need to see if you will get a better deal on a different place. Real estate agents will try to butter you, well, that is how the business works, so you must be able to hold your own grounds.

See if the land is a safe long-term investment, and the price is reasonable. Also, imagine your family living in the place if you are to build a house on it- will they become happy? Does it contain all the infrastructures and is within reach of the nearest city? There are numerous questions like these to ask.

You can look at our land listings to see various land on sale in different parts of Nepal. Also, contact us if you are still confused or have more questions, we will be glad to help you.