7 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right House Design in Nepal

7 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right House Design in Nepal

When we mean design, we are not only talking about how your house looks. We also point out the floor plan and rooms. When you build a house, you are building a7 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right House Design in Nepal shelter for the rest of your life. You need to assure that your home will become comfortable for you till your last breath. And to help you with that, here are some must-know tips for choosing the right house design in Nepal.


Are You Living or Renting Out?

Some people want to build a house for themselves, but as renting out rooms or flat seems to become a great investment these days, others think about giving out as much room as they can rent. Well, this is the first question for you to ask yourself, as the flooring plan for a house designed to rent is a little different from one to live.

While Renting: Think About Your Family First

Even if you are thinking to rent out most of the flats in your house, you will need to do that only after your family has enough. Your kids will grow up someday, and it won’t be so fun to ask your tenants to leave because your children asked for a room. Cases like these have been happening a lot in Nepal.

Is a Qualified Professional Designing Your House?

Don’t hold back when you are paying an engineer for his/her service. You need a qualified engineer to design the floor plan of your house. Believe us, a design done by an expert professional always stands out from others. So, even if it might cost some money to hire the best engineer you can, you will feel it is worth it.

Talk to Your Astrologist (Jyotish) First Before Talking to Your Engineer

“Nepali Gharko Design garda engineer vanda Jyotish ko Badi suninxa.” You hear this phrase a lot on the streets these days. Being spiritual or religious is not a problem at all. Actually, it is a good thing. However, you should make sure that you move forward in the right order.

If you let the engineering design the house first and visit your astrologer, further modifications will eat up time and effort of your engineer. So, first, visit the astrologer, do your Vastu and only then approach your engineer with the pointers your Jyotish gave you.

Make Sure You Have Enough Safety

Construction of an earthquake resistant house is a must in Nepal, of course, but there are more things you should know about the security. You will need to have a place for a fire extinguisher, emergency exits, etc. Also, if you have children, it is better to have shorter stairs and soft flooring. Most of this stuff take extra money, but your house is where you are supposed to feel the safest. So, while designing your home, ask your engineer to make it secured for you and your family.

Is the Design Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly?

If you are living with your kids or pets, your house design might need to be a little different to make a friendly ambiance for everyone. Well, we don’t need to elaborate it here, because we have other articles devoted to the individual topics:

How to Make Your House Kid-Friendly

How to Make your House Pet-Friendly

Does Your House Look Like the Way You Have Always Dreamt?

Well, here comes the final one; the prototype of your house. There are many options available for you including the traditional Nepali house design, modern one storey house design in Nepal (1 floor house design in Nepal), 2.5 storey bungalow house design in Nepal, etc. At the same time, new housing design models are being introduced every day. The point of this all is to say that you are in control of how your house looks, so it is fascinating to think about how you will come up with the appearance of your dream house.

Well, those were some tips to choose the right house design in Nepal. You can contact us if you are looking for exceptional house designs for your dream home. Also, visit our listings to find the best deal for house for sale and land for sale in Nepal. We also have apartments for rent in Nepal.