How to Choose the Right House Color Design

How to Choose the Right House Color Design in Nepal

As an experienced construction company working in Nepal, we have found people not put a lot of thoughts on the color of the house. Both interior and exterior. Here Blogis our experience- individuals first call a color dealer, ask them for a pamphlet, look at it, and then choose the one that they think is the brightest. Kind of funny, of course, so we think it was the time for us to help you choose the right house color design in Nepal.

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First, Know the Type of Color

There are different types of wall color variations, and you need to choose one according to your needs. They differ mostly on the glow and the finish. Here, we try to explain different types of wall paint in the easiest words.

Matte Paint

This one is the most common type of interior wall paint and is also the simplest one. A variety of ‘classic’ wall color, it does not create much shine, but at the same time, it is easy to apply and doesn’t cost a lot. As this painting easily gets damaged (or marked), it might not be a very good option for you in the kitchen or if you have kids in your house.

Matte Enamel

It is oil based, and more of an upgraded version of the Matte Paint. It is easy to apply and is better than the former in the sense that it doesn’t get stamped easily. However, it is not too shiny, and you can expect the same degree of visual appeal like matte paint.

The Matte enamel is an excellent option for the kitchen wall, as it is easy to clean.


Satin is brighter than matte (still subtle), but you will need a perfectly done wall. It is the smoothest of the wall paints that you get. But, if there are irregularities (for example, a hole), then this paint makes it more apparent.

Satin could be a good option for everywhere, but make sure that the finishing has been carefully done.


Eggshell is something between Satin and Matte. It isn’t as much as bright as satin, but still hides irregularities. Eggshell is not very expensive, and easy to put, given that even a single layer of eggshell would be enough to cover up a wall.

Gloss Paint

Gloss Paint, as its name suggests is the shiniest of all. It creates a bright effect on the wall and is a perfect type of wall paint to elevate your mood. However, applying gloss paint might be a little hassle as it takes more time to dry.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-Gloss Paint isn’t used as the primary paint on walls because it highlights irregularities. However, with its shine being perfectly balanced, it looks good on trims.

Color Reflecting your Mood

Here is another tip for you to choose the right house color design in Nepal. See, different colors represent different mood. They give varying vibes. For example, in your bedroom, you would want a lighter color, because it makes you feel in peace. Also, you could prefer blue in your living room, which is more of a formal occasion. Adding on to that, you should experiment with different color combinations. Using different paints on different sides of the wall, for example, red and green make a stunning combination which makes you happy.

Do You Love Art?

It might seem far-fetched, but you don’t necessarily need to be an artist to tell a story with colors. Just artistically paint your house. Different colors hold different meanings. For example, if you have white paint in your pooja room, it means purity. Also, the purple color represents feminine beauty, red means passion, and excitement, and orange means youth. Other colors have different symbolisms which you might be interested in researching. Telling a representation with paint colors is like a trend abroad, but in our country, we don’t think about it a lot.

How Good Would the Room or the Wall Look?

After all, it boils down to this. Does your room look good or not? Here is the key to success: while painting, remember that your room won’t be empty. You need to put things in your room, and the paint will only look good when it suits with the stuff that you keep.

Well, these were some tips for you to choose the right house color design in Nepal. Also, as we were talking mostly about indoor colors, the tips are more or less similar for the outside color of Nepali houses.

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